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Extraction of the CSR chapter of the 2020 Universal Registration Document

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


     The fact that BOIRON has been quoted on the Gaïa Index for several years is a reflectionof the quality of its CSR policy.


Our strong commitment to truly holistic healthcare through gentle, respectful medicine means we are keenly aware of the importance of all endeavors to preserve our ecosystem. For over 80 years, the men and women of our company have served public health worldwide with passion and a commitment to excellence. The group, which remains majority-owned by its founding family, has preserved both its independence and its people-centered values, and fully assumes its responsibilities and commitments. In a constantly changing environment, economic performance goes hand in hand with improving non-financial performance. Employee Fulfillment and Performance are two of the keys to our daily work.


“In the late 1970s, Christian Boiron wanted to show that a company could be run differently, particularly by reconciling economic targets and social issues. I share that ambition, which is the basis of BOIRON’s development and organizational model, and I am proud to continue to spearhead it.

As we have for over four decades, we will continue to do everything possible to preserve nature, the source of our raw materials, to respect our employees, who give us their best, and to satisfy our customers, who need to protect their health now more than ever. ”

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot


Managing risk and our environmental impact is a key issue for our business, particularly when it comes to our production sites. The first step is compliance with the applicable regulations. Our sites have long gone beyond the basics of compliance by applying a continuous improvement program.

The group has also identified “Sustainable Development Goals” as defined by the UN, to which its CSR policy makes significant contributions.



This policy finds its practical application in the production and use of homeopathic medicines. Because homeopathic medicine manufacturing uses very few chemicals and does not generate harmful water pollution, it has a very limited environmental impact and thus helps protect aquatic plants and animals.

Use of homeopathic medicines does not lead to negative effects such as iatrogenic risk or overmedication risk. On an economic level, these medicines provide cost savings for the public health insurance system.


Beyond homeopathic medicine and its impact, people and their place in the company are a key concern for the group. It has signed numerous agreements, all grounded in trust and respect, on achieving equity, implementing profit sharing and increasing diversity with the ultimate goal of ensuring that each and every employee enjoys a decent job, reduced inequality, fair pay, a suitable training policy, and the freedom to achieve their personal goals thanks to support for their career and personal aspirations.

It is thanks to this employer policy, originally developed by Christian Boiron, who spearheaded it for many years, that we enjoy the benefits of responsible, balanced employee-employer that limit our employee risks.


BOIRON is first and foremost a company dedicated to serving health and well-being through its production processes, the inherent nature of homeopathic medicine, and respectful, inclusive management of human resources.