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If you are a BOIRON shareholder, you hold a fraction of its capital of EUR 17,545,408 divided into 17,545,408 shares of EUR 1.00 par value.
That gives you several rights, namely :

  • The right to a dividend
  • The right to regular information on the group
  • The right to vote on the decisions taken by the Board of Directors and proposed to all shareholders at the General Meetings.


The dividend paid in respect of the 2022 financial year was EUR 1.10 per share.
This dividend was paid on June 2, 2023.


BOIRON uses its best endeavours to provide regular information to all its individual and institutional shareholders and offers them a detailed report. You will find all our announcements and all regulatory information under the heading Regulatory Information. You can view our archives in French on the following website: www.info-financiere.fr

The General Meeting is an important event for shareholders wishing to obtain information on the company. It is an opportunity for shareholders to meet the group’s management and discuss matters with them.

Various publications are available to shareholders from the group upon request, as follows: financial announcements, annual reports, and half-yearly reports.
The articles of association, accounts, reports, minutes of General Meetings and all the documents available to shareholders can be consulted at the company headquarters (Boiron – 2 avenue de l'Ouest Lyonnais - 69510 MESSIMY – France).


It is available under the heading Regulatory Information/ Financial Reports .
All annual reports published for the last 6 years are available on our website.


As a shareholder, you have the choice of two ways to hold your shares :

  • in bearer form : you register your shares with a financial intermediary; you are therefore not certain to be identified as a shareholder by BOIRON at any given moment, except when BOIRON orders an identifiable bearer security (Titres au Porteur Identifié - TPI) data file from Euroclear;
  • in registered form : your shares are directly registered with BOIRON, but deposited in an account with UPTEVIA (Service aux Actionnaires – 9 rue du Débarcadère – 93 500 PANTIN - FRANCE – Tél. If your shares are registered, you will receive an invitation to the AGM directly, and benefit from double voting rights for each share held for more than 3 years.


Please click here to see the identification sheet on BOIRON.

The main indices that include BOIRON shares are:

  • ENT PEA-PME 150

BOIRON securities are listed on the Paris stock exchange (Bourse de Paris), and on Eurolist Compartment B of Euronext.

The right to attend the General Meetings is subject to registration of the securities in the books in the name of the shareholder or of the intermediary registered on the shareholder’s behalf three working days before the meeting at midnight, Paris time, either in the share register kept by the company, or in the register of bearer shares kept by the authorised intermediary.


If the shares are in registered form, the shareholder will receive a notification document (with a postal voting form) from BNP Paribas.

If the shares are in bearer form, the shareholder must ask his/ her bank or the intermediary that manages the securities to have them registered or recorded by book entry, which is confirmed by a participation certificate. To be able to participate in the meeting, this participation certificate must be sent to UPTEVIA (Service aux Actionnaires – 9 rue du Débarcadère – 93 500 PANTIN - FRANCE – Tél. with a view to obtaining an admission card, or the certificate must be presented on the day of the meeting by any shareholder who has not received an admission card.


Shareholders who do not attend the meeting in person may choose one of the three options below :

a. Give voting authority to their spouse or other shareholder as proxy;
b. Assign voting authority to the company without a specific proxy representative;
c. Send in a postal vote.

Registered shareholders will be sent one single form with attachments for postal voting or for proxy voting.

Bearer shareholders must ask UPTEVIA (Service aux Actionnaires – 9 rue du Débarcadère – 93 500 PANTIN – Tél. to send them a single postal or proxy voting form. All requests received at least six days before the date of the meeting will be honoured.

This form must be returned, accompanied in the case of bearer shareholders by their statement of participation, so that the departments of BNP Paribas Securities Services receive it at least three days before the meeting is scheduled to take place.